Complete Surveillance of Dioxin Emissions

Conformity to EPA Method 23A


The "EPA method 23A, determination of dioxins is a standard, which is used in the United States and in other countries. The DioxinMonitoringSystem® fulfils the principles of this standards, which are:


isokinetic withdrawal of the flue gas
use of glass fibre filter for dust precipitation

2 stage column of adsorbent material for adsorbtion of gaseous dioxins


The main differences are the use of dilution air and the special designed filter cartridge, which allows to work without condenser. The condensation of a liquid phase is avoides and the dioxins are collected in the dry filter cartridge for the following analysis.

The improvement of long term sampling leads to very low blank values. A volume of 100 to 400 m3 is sampled during every measurement . The increase of the sampled volume decreases the detection limit to 0,001 ng I-TEQ/m3.

The ETV test program has shown that I-TEQ values of the DioxinMonitoringSystem® are within <10% uncertainty compared to EPA method 23A.



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