Complete Surveillance of Dioxin Emissions



Comfortable sampling configuration routines before sampling start

Manual dioxin measurements for short term sampling fulfiling the minimum requirements have very simple control mechanism. Stand alone high quality measurement for long periods needs sophisticated software, which controls the measurement without operator.






Control of isokinetic


Adjustment of best sampling conditions


Recognition of stand by periods and switching to stand by


Documentation of the measurement


Report print out


Leak test


For calibration and maintenance the software guides the operator by automatic routines to guarantee the performance of the instrument. After training, the measurement engineer can do this without the need of external service.

images/dms/dms_software_standby configuration.gif





Long term measurements need clear rules, how to proceed the sampling during start up/stop down-periods of the incinerator. The rules are defined by a configuration sheet.




Desorption - improved rinsing technique

Manual measurements need the rinsing of the probes after the end of the measurement. The rinsing shall include precipitated dioxins from the probes. The disadvantage of the rinsing is a higher blank value, which influences the detection limit of the method.


The DioxinMonitorigSystem® uses an automatic routine for this job. At the end of the measurement the probes are thermal cleaned to evaporate the dioxins and to purge them into the filter cartridge. This improved method enables very low detection limits.




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